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Our Purpose

Our Mission


Evergreen Assisted Living Residential HomeEvergreen Assisted Living homes are carefully selected ranch style houses, designed to accommodate five to six residents in a warm comfortable environment, which feels just like home.

Our North Dallas homes are in quiet, upscale residential neighborhoods which have secure backyards and gardens for the residents enjoyment.


Specially Trained Staff
Our homes are well run and maintained 24 hours a day by a staff that has been trained specifically for the care of residents with memory loss, and related dementia disorders and general disability.

Evergreen Assisted Living Residential Home

Familiar Belongings
A smaller home-like setting, with more personalized care, has been shown to be a far superior living arrangement than that found in large institutional environments.

These environments can sometimes be very confusing to people suffering from memory problems. Adding to the sense of being at home, residents furnish their bedrooms with their own familiar belongings.


In our homes, homestyle nutritious meals are served around the dining room table, where the faces are familiar each and every day. We provide both outside and in-house activities to keep them active and feeling productive.

Families who have been seeking an alternative to large institutional settings for their loved ones, where individual resident needs and safety is paramount, will find Evergreen Assisted Living to be the new caring choice.

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